LML Documentation


LML is a Common Lisp package for generating HTML and XHTML documents. LML is authored by Kevin Rosenberg. The home page for LML is http://lml.kpe.io/.


The easiest way to install LML is to use the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. You can then use the command apt-get install cl-lml to automatically download and install the LML package.

On a non-Debian system, you need to have either ASDF or mk-defsystem installed to load the system definition file. You will need to change the source pathname in the system file to match the location where you have installed LML.


Currently, there is no documentation on the functions provided by LML. However, the source code is instructive and there are example files included in the LML package.


(i "The square of the first five integers are)"
   (loop as x from 1 to 5 
     (lml-format " ~D" (* x x))))
The square of the first five integers are 1 4 9 16 25

View this page's LML source.